Mentoring, Counseling & Coaching Options

Mentoring, Counseling & Coaching:
Personal Training for Students & Professionals

  • 3 Private Sessions
    + Individual Sessions

    During this UHBP course, you'll understand concepts, experience insights and gain knowledge about the hidden brain and its immense powers.

    But personal TLC sessions are invaluable for gaining innate personal experiences and uncovering your own (deeply hidden) blocks to unlock your own brain's superpowers.

    3 Private, 1 hr. Sessions
    (minimum recommended)
    $450. (Save $90.)

    Individual Sessions
    per hour.

  • 13 Private Sessions

    It is typical for profound breakthroughs to happen after around 6 to 9 TLC sessions, and then time is needed to explore and integrate it all. Therefore, we highly recommend this powerful 13 Session Package opportunity.
    $1800. (Save $540.)

  • UHBP Course +
    13 Private Sessions

    The ultimate, comprehensive,
    discovery experience
    to unlock YOUR Hidden Brain's superpowers.
    $2700. (Value $3440.)

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